Time For A Quickie



Although I don’t generally like perpetuating stereotypes (who does?), there are some stereotypes that I can’t help but apply to myself. Like the stereotype that Asians love boba. Well, actually, I’m not a huge fan of boba (I generally prefer jellies in my drinks, so sue me), but they’re still tasty on occasion and they add a little texture to cold drinks.

Brandon and I discovered a bag of boba (or “starch balls” as the packaging appetizingly claimed) in our cabinets and we decided iced coffee boba would be delicious. It’s been fairly warm here in Santa Barbara, so iced coffee sounded right on the money.

A package of boba/tapioca
However much of your favorite coffee
Simple syrup

1. So first of all, you’ll need to get some boba. We found ours in our cabinet (we probably should have checked the expiration date, but whatever), but a better place to look is probably at your local Asian market.

2. I was going to say just follow the directions on the bag, but our bag didn’t really have directions… not in English at least. But cooking them is pretty simple. Just boil water and dump them in. They take a while to cook, but just check in on them once in a while. The picture above is an example of taking them out too soon. If they still look like alien eggs with little fetus’s inside, they’re not ready. You want them completely see-through before taking them out.

3. And then you dump a bunch of booze in your boba. No, I’m kidding. I’m not that much of an alcoholic… This bottle has a batch of simple syrup I made a while ago. Simple syrup is pretty much sugar melted in water. It’s really easy to make and it’s nice to have around if you make your own iced coffee or iced tea or if you like making cocktails like I do. Definitely comes in handy. ANYWAY, I like my boba a little sweet, so I poured some simple syrup in my boba. You’ll also want to put some water in your boba to make sure it doesn’t all stick together when you refrigerate it. We forgot to. It was not pretty.

4. Now, brew some coffee. I’d say stronger is probably better for this kind of thing, but brew it to your liking. Then refrigerate.

5. Let the coffee sit in the fridge overnight. Once it’s all tasty and cold, take it out, add your boba, add milk and simple syrup to your liking and nom!



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