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I’m not going to lie. Living in California friggin’ rocks. I kind of feel bad for gloating, but I really shouldn’t, because it’s not like I made California awesome while simultaneously sabotaging every other state to ensure California’s status as great. Is it my fault that we have great weather?

And to end the bragging before the world decides to prove me wrong about Californian weather (the wind is currently trying to rip the palm trees from the ground), my point is that when the weather is nice outside, barbeques are the way to go. They’re easy and tasty, not to mention they’re just a great way to hang out with friends.

Generally when someone says barbeque, we think of huge events in parks or in backyards or on the beach, but it doesn’t have to be like that. At the apartment I’m living in now, all we have is this small stoop area, but it’s plenty of space for our hobbit of a grill. And while we wait for the coals to burn and later for the food to cook, we can just turn on some music, crack open a few beers, and chill on our semi-porch. Nothing beats it.

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i’m more… falafels and fellini?

This month is Med Month! No, it’s not a month where we all express our gratitude toward medical equipment (what a spectacular month that would be!). Med Month is short for Mediterranean Diet Month, which was created by Oldways. So in honor of Med Month, I decided that I would make some falafels. Well… not really. I actually just had some garbanzo beans hanging around in my cabinet and they were feeling a little neglected, so I figured I’d make some falafels.

I know that this blog is supposed to be full of recipes that can be made quickly and falafels aren’t exactly quick, but they’re easy. And delicious. And vegetarian. Not that I’m vegetarian, but my roommate is vegetarian, so occasionally I like making some meatless things. Read more of this post


I know, I know… I haven’t updated in like, nine years. It’s been a bit crazy with homework and graduation and jobbing (nope, it’s not called job hunting) and all that tiring stuff. I’m also currently suffering from food poisoning, which makes it ironic that I’m posting about food. But I figure I’m way too exhausted to actually do homework, so I’ve decided to dig through all of the pictures I’ve been collecting and not posting and finally friggin’ update.

Fajitas. Yes, fajitas. They are your best friends. More like tortillas are your best friends. You can pretty much put anything in a tortilla and it’ll be awesome. Okay, that’s a lie, but you can make surprisingly delicious things really quickly. All you need to have are tortillas and a bag of cheese (our house opts to buy the giant-ass bag of pre-shredded cheese from Costco. It doesn’t expire for an alarmingly long time) and whatever left overs you might have in your fridge. Or, if you just have some vegetables here and there that you need to use up quickly, just saute them. Even better if you have some meat of some sort to go along.

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