Time For A Quickie



The Blog:
Once upon a time, there was a girl who wanted to start a food blog. Her and her housemate successfully made one post, but failed to deliver anything else. The dream faded for a time, but the girl couldn’t stop thinking about making a food blog. After attending a blogging conference and gaining some confidence in what she was going to do, she put together a site and thus Time For A Quickie was born.

The Girl:
What to say… The name’s Lena, I’m twenty-one, currently a literature student at UCSB originally from San Jose, CA (Bay Area, what what!). I’m an aspiring TV writer, proud second gen Japanese American, avid zombie-killer, crazed K/J-pop listener, loyal guardian of the couch, great lover of beer, manic consumer of foods, and for the purposes of this blog, your hopefully helpful and sometimes neurotic guide to cooking.


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