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On the Road


First or all, I apologize for the image quality. My phone doesn’t have the best camera and I’m posting this while on the move. After about a week at home, I’m heading back to Santa Barbara. By car, of course. While some people don’t like the long drive and prefer the ten minute flight to our quaint little shopping plaza of an airport, I enjoy driving.

I’ve always been a fan of just getting in my car and going off to somewhere. My roommate always calls it, “The Great American Dream,” because in the U.S., Tue car is the pretty much the symbol of freedom (yeah, technically that’s the bald eagle’s role, but you can’t ride a bald eagle, can you?). You can pretty much go wherever you want to and even a simple drive back to school can turn into an adventure. I’m not saying try going home with no directions, but I find it fun to randomly stop somewhere and find a place to eat. Even if not’s delicious, it’s still an adventure to just try a place that you’d never go to otherwise. Who knows? You might even find a gem of a place. Or a really crappy place. At least it’ll make a good story.

And now off to Santa Barbara.


Bagels and Lox

It’s been a while, I know. I had a virus on my computer, and then I was sick, and then my Vista decided to blow up on me, so now that I’ve eradicated both of my viruses and reintalled all of the programs I lost, I’m back, baby!

Unfortunately (or fortunately), I’m back at home, meaning tasty home-cooked meals and ingredients that I wouldn’t normally have in my apartment, so it’s a little harder to update. But lunch is usually a good place to start and no matter what I have around, I usually don’t do anything too complicated. Like today. I really wanted to eat a bagel and I found some smoked salmon in the fridge, so I decided why not? Bagels and lox.

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Got time for a quickie?


Welcome to Time For A Quickie! This is my food blog where I mostly plan on posting quick and easy recipes for people like me: young people who want to eat good food, but don’t necessarily have the money to go out or the time to cook an amazing meal every night. Because let’s face it… we have jobs and school and personal drama and all that other stuff (hours upon hours of video games) that take up most of our lives, so y’know… I just wanted to offer some aid to my fellow young, hungry, broke person. And maybe some amusement along the way, but don’t bank on it, because I don’t want to have to endure the pressure to be funny. Because pressure is only good in pressure-cookers (buhdum-ch).