Time For A Quickie


My Arsenal

This is my kitchen. Technically, it’s not mine, because I’m just renting this house (at a ridiculously expensive price for what it is, but let’s not get into that) and because I share this house with three other people, but I like to think of it as mine. And despite not having a dish washer or a food disposal (which kills my soul more than a little), it’s a decent kitchen. I must say, I love have a gas stove. Definitely better than an electric stove.

My computer, where I do all of my photo editing and posting and such. His name is Alec or X5-494 (if you know the reference, you have no right to judge me because, I mean… you know the reference). He’s an old ThinkPad and yeah, he looks like a brick, but he works and he only occasionally gives me a hard time. The photo editing program I use is Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 and I know I should really get Adobe Photoshop because that’s what the big kids use, but it takes up so much space… ugh. But eventually.

Because using someone else’s camera to take a picture of my camera would just be too much of a hassle, I found this picture online. I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ5 and yeah, it’s old, but like Alec, he still works. And yes, I named him, too. Murrow. Not as geeky a reference, but still kind of nerdy, but I’m not going to get into that.

This is Minion #1, more commonly known as Josh. His expertise lie in opening jars and poking things with a wooden spatula to make sure they’re not burning. He is also my resident beer connoisseur (and by connoisseur, I mean he’s usually the one who gets super excited about beer with me) and my WordPress expert. He likes Apple products and indulging me in my random TV obsessions.

This is Minion #2, more commonly known as Brandon (although he claims his first name is Jebus and his second middle name is Bieber Fieber). His expertise lie in being creepy and chopping onions and garlic. He’s also the one that can be counted on to consume any and all leftovers if there are any. He likes granola, food in general, and killing lots and lots of zombies with me.

I also have a third housemate, who is not so much a minion and perhaps more of a myth. Brandon and Josh have convinced me that she is just a figment of my imagination and that she doesn’t actually exist. Perhaps one day I will prove them wrong by capturing a picture of her, but until then, she will remain a mystery and a legend…


One response to “My Arsenal

  1. Josh May 15, 2011 at 12:45 am

    Just saw this page for the first time. I’d say you captured everything/everyone quite accurately!

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